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Single Farm Payment Entitlements Trading

C & D Property Services are now trading Scottish & English Entitlements in readiness for claiming the 2014 payment. There are a number of competing theories as to how Scotland will implement a new payment scheme and any new information surrounding this issue will likely impact this market significantly. If current entitlements are used as the ‘starting point’ for 2015 then there is expected to be strong demand for Standard Scottish Entitlements again this year which, coupled with limited supply will help to maintain a firm trade. It is expected that higher value entitlements could change hands in excess of 1.5 times their annual value. It would appear that this will be the year for retired farmers to sell off their entitlements and take advantage of a potentially firm market.

As the CAP reforms appear a little clearer south of the border, English entitlements are at present available with only a limited number of transactions taking place. However as the trading season progresses demand is likely to increase as buyers look to take advantage of the increasing possibility that the current entitlements will be ‘rolled over’ in to the new scheme in 2015.

Entitlements can be sold, leased or transferred through inheritance and can be either sold with or without land but only leased with land. Sales without land are the easiest to deal with and will be the most popular method of trading. V.A.T. will be payable on Entitlements if the seller is V.A.T. registered. Unless otherwise stated all our transfers of Entitlements will be by sale without land.

Who will want to buy/sell Entitlements

  • Farmers who have bought or rented land without Entitlements (naked acres) will wish to buy Entitlements.

  • Farmers who have low value Entitlements may wish to trade up to higher value Entitlements to obtain a higher annual income per hectare.  On the other hand farmers with higher value Entitlements may wish to trade down to low value Entitlements to obtain a higher initial capital payment although they will receive a lower annual income per hectare.

Lot Sizes

Lot sizes can be split to suit the buyer but Entitlements cannot be stacked up i.e. you cannot buy two hectares of Entitlement and stack it on one hectare of land. You can, however, sell part of your Entitlement, which is say low value, and replace it with the same or smaller area of higher value Entitlement.

Further Information

If you would like to sell Entitlements then please complete the instruction form and then either e-mail or post it back to us with evidence showing what Entitlements you have been awarded i.e. copies of the first two pages of your 2013 Single Application Form or latest statement of entitlements from SGRPID in Scotland or a letter from the RPA confirming that the Entitlements have been definitively established in England.

If you have any queries or require any further information regarding the trading of Entitlements then please contact Giles Lane on (01228) 792299.

Single Farm Payment Mailing List

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